Our Tire Services

Driving on bald tires is dangerous, and the downtime involved with changing tires out can be costly. Entrust us to keep your wheels on the ground, and your drivers always in control.

Added Value

24/7 Roadside Servicing

Stuck with a flat? Our roadside service team is standing by to get you back on the road.

Complimentary Pickup and Delivery

Got a pile of tires that need new treads, but short on time? Let us know, we can come to you.

Tire Retreading

Commercial tires are expensive. Save money by keeping your old tire intact, but with a brand new tread that keeps you firmly in contact with the road ahead. We have the capacity to service fleets big and small – everything from municipalities plowing snow, to school districts bringing our kids to school, to the garbage trucks carting our trash away. Great tires keep them all rolling smoothly.

Wheel Reconditioning

The foundation of a strong tire is a sturdy, clean rim. Our specially formulated steel rim reconditioning process extends the life of your rims with minimal ecological footprint. We also offer aluminum rim polishing; we’ll have your old rims clean enough to eat off of in no time at all, complete with a deep, lasting polish that will shine for years and years.

Foam Tire Filling

You can proactively prevent flats (and by extention, business down-time) by opting for a TyrFil © Foam Fill treatment on your heavy equipment tires. Our process is cost-effective and capitalizes the life of your tire, keeping them moving through hazardous conditions with ease. Consider allowing our TyrFil-certified technicians to treat your tires on your next visit.

Forklift Press-On Tires

Forklift tires are a special breed. We’re equipped with modern press-on technology to quickly replace your worn down forklift and press-on tires. With our new 20-foot mobile press truck, now we can come to you to change out the tires. Keep your forklift out on the work floor, and let us come to you for its next tire-change.

Tires Looking Bald?